Meet Our Hosts

Mohamed Hassan


Mohamed Hassan is the founder and co-host of The Breal Podcast. Mohamed attends the University of North Texas where he majors in Psychology with plans to become an orthopedic surgeon. In his free time, Mohamed thoroughly enjoys watching anime, playing basketball, and watching sport. His goal for The Breal Podcast is to inspire young people like him to believe in themselves and achieve their dreams and goals for the future.

Ahmad Chowdhry


Ahmad Chowdhry is the co-host of The Breal Podcast. He is currently a sophomore majoring in Biology. He is on track to start Pre-Med at the University of North Texas and is looking forward to becoming a doctor in the future. In his spare time, he enjoys working out, playing basketball, and hanging out with friends and family. His goal with The Breal Podcast is to shed light on certain issues and their remedies as well as providing advice to young people around the world.

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